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What We Do to Make Your Event Memorable

Services We Offer


Cocktail Workshops

Aerial Marina Shot

Luxury Yacht Parties


Pop-up Bar

Engage your guests in interactive mixology classes where they can learn to create their own signature cocktails.

Take your celebrations to the high seas with a mobile bar service aboard a luxurious yacht, offering exquisite cocktails and breathtaking views.

Surprise and delight your guests with pop-up bars in unexpected locations, creating a buzz and adding a touch of exclusivity to the event.

Wedding Party

Wedding Receptions

Party DJ

Bachelorette Parties

Bartender with Beer

Product Launches:

Add a touch of luxury to your wedding celebrations with a champagne bar and signature cocktails.

Create unforgettable memories with a mobile bar service that caters to your bachelorette party.

Make a lasting impression on your guests by serving innovative cocktails tailored to your brand.

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